Evanghelos Emm. Perakis

Evanghelos Emm. Perakis

Evanghelos Emm. Perakis

Prof. Dr. E. Perakis is an acknowledged leading expert in commercial law. He has participated in Greek and international law drafting committees on company and insolvency law, including the ad-hoc Group for the elaboration of an EC Bankruptcy Convention; the European Model Company Act (“EMCA”) Group; Chairman of the ad-hoc Committee for the amendment of the Greek Law on Sociétés Anonymes in 2005-2007 and again in 2013-2018, which resulted to the introduction of Greek law 4548/2018 on Sociétés Anonymes; Chairman of the ad-hoc Committee for the drafting of a law on private companies (2011), which resulted to the introduction of Greek law 4072/2012 on (inter alia) the Private Companies. He has been repeatedly appointed arbitrator in both domestic and international arbitration proceedings, including proceedings under ICC and LCIA arbitration rules, and has also acted as counsel in arbitration proceedings. Prof. Dr. E. Perakis is member of the Legal Council of the Bank of Greece and member of the board of various non-profit foundations.



University of Athens, Faculty of Law, Law Degree (1969)

Université de Paris II, Diplôme d’Etudes Supérieures (1973)

Doctorate degree in Law, Athens Faculty of Law (1975).


Bar Admission

Member of the Athens Bar since 1971 (Supreme Court)


Academic Curriculum

Lecturer, Athens Faculty of Law, 1980; Professor of Commercial Law, Faculty of Law, University of Athens, 1996; Emeritus Professor in 2013. He has been teaching commercial law to both graduate and post-graduate students since 1980. He is a frequent speaker in Greek and international legal congresses and gives lectures in Greek and foreign universities on various aspects of commercial law.


Academic and Professional Memberships

Chairman of the Association of Greek Commercialists; vice-chairman of the Greek Association of Banking and Financial Law; former Deputy Chairman of the Commission of Competition; associate member of the International Academy of Comparative Law; academic member of the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI); member of the Maritime Law Association; Member of the Athens Bar Association.


Main Publications

“Voting Agreements among Shareholders”, Athens, 1976; “The Auditing of Limited Companies”, Athens, 1984; “Introduction to the Law of the Reorganization of Companies”, Athens, 1987; “International Bankruptcy Law,” Athens, 1990; “General Part of Commercial Law”, Athens, 1999, 2011 and 2018; Rights of Minority Shareholders – XVIth Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law, Brisbane 2002, Bruylant, Brussels 2004; “The ‘Greek’ Societas Europaea”, Athens, 2006; “Bankruptcy Law”, Athens, 2010 and (3rd ed.) 2018; “The new Private Company”, Athens, 2012. Co-Author: “Commentary to the Greek Civil Code”, 7 volumes, Athens 1976-1978; “World Law of Competition – Greece”, N.Y. 1983; “Doing Business in Europe”, Greek Chapter, CCH International, London, 1990; “Accounting Law”, Athens, 2017. Editor in collective works: “The Law of Sociétés Anonymes”, Athens, in 3rd ed, 2010 and “The Law of Limited Liability Companies” Athens, 1994. Author of numerous articles, essays, commentaries and other publications in legal periodicals, collections and collective works; editor-in-chief of the “Business and Company Law” (Dikaio Epichiriseon kai Etairion), a monthly legal periodical.



English, French


E-mail: eperakis@otenet.gr

Evanghelos Emm. Perakis

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