Manolis Ev. Perakis

Manolis Ev. Perakis

Manolis Ev. Perakis

Manolis Perakis is Assistant Professor of EU Law at the Law Faculty of the University of Athens. He joined the firm in 2010 and since then he is actively involved in all public procurement and privatisation transactions, advising mainly on EU and administrative law aspects. Furthermore, he is involved in numerous ICC and local arbitrations as the Court’s assistant. Prior to joining the firm, Manolis worked with another Greek law firm on EU, public procurement and competition law cases, assisting in the preparation and filing of law suits before the Court of Justice of the European Union and of complaints before the European Commission. In 2003, Manolis served as trainee in the Cabinet of the Greek judge and President of the Court Mr. Vassilios Skouris.



Athens Law School, LL.B. (2001)

University College London, LL.M. in Public International and European Law (2002)

Athens Law School, PhD in European Union Law (2008)



Greek, English, French and German.




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“The accession and the application or the international law rules into the legal order of the European Union”, published by Nomiki Vivliothiki, 2011
“The European Union law through the case-law of the Court of the European Union” (collective work, edited by V. Christianos), published by Sakkoulas, 2011
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“The Judicial Limits of the European Court of Justice within the System of European Governance”, published by Nomiki Vivliothiki, 2009
Selected articles

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Greek Association of European Union Law
Association of Greek Commercialists
Greek Association of European and International Law
Arbitrator in the Athens Mediation and Arbitration Organization


Bar Admission

Member of the Athens Bar since 2003



Manolis Ev. Perakis

Of Counsel


Public law, EU law, civil law, arbitration
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